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Clever Dripper with filters

Clever Dripper with filters

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The Clever Coffee Dripper is a fool-proof and affordable full-immersion method of brewing coffee. This little gem is as familiar as a drip machine. Comes with 100 #4 filters.



Step 1

Line a Clever Dripper with a size 4 cone paper filter. In a burr grinder set to a medium-coarse grind size (when using a Baratza grinder, the setting would be between 22-24). Heat the water until it registers 208° on an instant-read thermometer; alternatively, bring the water to a boil.

Step 2

Pour some of the hot water into the dripper, thoroughly soaking the filter. Set the dripper on top of a coffee cup and allow the rinsing water to fully drain into the cup. Discard the rinsing water.

Step 3

Pour 20 grams (roughly 3 tablespoons) of ground coffee into the filter. Place the dripper on a kitchen scale and set the scale to zero. Pour 320 grams of hot water into the dripper, thoroughly saturating the coffee grounds. Let steep for 3 minutes from time of pour.

Step 4

Set the dripper on the coffee cup and allow the coffee to fully drain into the cup. Enjoy!

There are many different methods for the Clever Dripper. This is the one we follow, but do your research and figure out which one you like best!

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