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5 AM Club

5 AM Club

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Whole Bean or Pre-Ground

Wake up early
Drink Coffee
Work hard
Be ambitious
Do what you love
Love what you do

Flavour Notes: milk chocolate, cashews, toffee, creamy 
Roast Level: medium
Origin: Single (Honduras)
Elevation: +1,538m - +1,800m
Process: Washed

1.3 kg Refillable Jars:

If you reside in Regina, Lumsden or Deer Valley, SK, capitalize on your favourite bean with our refillable jar program. The initial jar purchase includes the jar full of coffee. When refilling, we will text you the day before we intend on delivering to see if you are able to leave your empty jar on your doorstep the following morning. Jars must not be broken or cracked in order to swap out.

Note: Photos are standard photos displaying packaging sizes. There is a tag added to each bag/jar to differentiate between coffees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This stuff is a lifesaver!

Ever since my order arrived my mental state has been elevated and I now look forward to mornings! Thanks guys!

Great to hear. Thanks for your business and taking the time to write a review. Much appreciated!

Richard Russell
A good reason to get up at 5am!

I may have found my new best friend. Great flavour in this medium roast. A creamy mouth feel with a hint of nuttiness and chocolate.

Thank you for your support and the review, Richard.


5 AM Club is my favourite flavour profile so far, I highly recommend it!

So good to hear, Shauna. Thank you so much for taking time to provide a review for us!

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